On Crying Flying Babies

Welcome to Tuesday Travels with Tiffany...The first in many months! Today, let's explore the wonders of flying with children.
Before I had kids, I was always annoyed by babies who freaked out at length on the plane. I was also always annoyed by toddlers who shouted and kicked throughout the entire flight.
Know what I've learned since becoming a mom and gained experience through 7 trips with 1 kid and 1 trip with 2 kids? Babies crying excessively and toddlers acting up are ABSOLUTELY AVOIDABLE situations!
Quick lesson #1: Babies cry excessively on planes because of pressure in their ears and tummies. Know how you swallow and blow out to make your own trips comfortable, parents? Nathan the Newborn can't do that. The solution? A dose of baby Tylenol to take the edge off, plus a plan to breastfeed, bottlefeed, or use a pacifier during takeoff and landing. For breastfeeding moms, this is easy to accomplish since your little one will likely be on your lap. Simply pack your wrap and let you infant self-sooth.
Quick lesson #2: toddlers act up on planes because they are bored and want attention. Skip reading the in-flight magazine unless your little one is occupied or asleep. Bring lots of non-annoying toys and books plus special stuffed friends and snacks. As long as kiddo is occupied, the folks in front of you won't begin plotting your death.
Some crying and acting up is to be expected, but with a little thought for your kids' comfort, you can ensure your flight is more enjoyable for everyone!
Until next time...safe travels!

On Potty Training and Errands

We began potty training our toddler when she was about 18 months old. We were very inconsistent at first - only remembering to put her on the potty once in awhile, or only enforcing all-day potty training maybe 1 day a week.
Cate really got interested in pottying like a big girl while in day camp this summer, with similarly-aged kids who were already trained. More recently, she's gotten very interested in earning the stickers we give out for successful potty trips.
But what the heck do you do when not at home? If we're somewhere kid friendly, we make a dash for a potty. But for long car drives? Or while running errands?
I feel like I'm sending a bad message to Cate to use her pull-up diapers when out but the potty while at home. But the reality is that we do a lot of running around...
So other busy moms and dads: what do you do in this situation? Any advice on consistency??

Perry vs White: 4 Weeks Left in Texas

If you've followed my blog for more than a couple posts, you probably know that I consider myself to be a moderate-conservative (more moderate on social issues, more conservative on financial, military and governance issues) and most often identify with Republican ideals. You may even remember my political crush on Rudy Giuliani.

But this election season, in considering the Texas gubenatorial race, I'm having a true crisis of conscience. I've voted for Perry in the past, you see, but I've become increasingly disgruntled with his administration over the past couple years.

I've listened to several interviews with Bill White and he seems like a decent guy - and certainly wouldn't be the first Democrat I've voted for, since I'm an issues versus party voter.



I'm just not sure. More of the same...or a pretty big unknown?

True: White did well as governor of Houston, a city with a larger population than some US states.

True: Perry has accomplished many positives during his already-long tenure as governor.


White has some items on his Liberal-for-Texas-but-still-comparatively-Conservative agenda that I'm not feeling too sure about.

And 4 more years of Perry means 4 more years of crony-ism.

So which is worse? Or, conversely, which is more easily tolerated?

I'll be doing some seriously hard thinking over the next few weeks to make up my mind.

How about you?