Happy Halloween

"Minnie" had a blast trick-or-treating at my office yesterday and was just the belle of the ball! Hope you have a great Halloween with your little ones!

Chucky Cheese is COOL

Ok, so Spoiled Baby loves her some Chucky Cheese! We had a bunch of coins left after going there with her cousin Z back in September, so we ventured out to face the craziness again today. LOVE IT!

Minor Celebrity

I think what's bugged me the most about these past few months and dealing with the backlash of the Rainbow Lounge is that my husband has become a minor celebrity. But not a much-loved celebrity. Instead, well, yeah. Lots of morons spewing lots of idiotic invectives.

Chris tried to break out of this and granted an interview to the local NBC station today...hopefully it'll be well-received. But, honestly, I don't care. I could give a damn what those activists think of my husband, me, and my family. We've consistently taken the high ground, and facts and the truth are on our side. They can go spin themselves into a tizzy until kingdom come, but, and this is so fortunate, the local citizenry, including members of their own community, have grown sick of their antics and wish they would go away almost as fervently as I've wished for the same since early July.

In any case...go check it out on NBCDFW.

Random Crying

Do any of you have kiddos that just randomly cry when you leave the room? For about the past month or so, Spoiled Baby, even if she's happy as a clam when we're in the room with her, turns into a whiny, spoiled baby whenever we walk out the door. It used to be great to plop her in her room to play with her toys so we could get stuff done around the house. Now, her crying provides the soundtrack to our chores.

What the heck!?!?

First Birthday PARTY!

We had a fun-filled first birthday party for Catherine and were thrilled to get to spend it with family and friends. Our niece, Julia, even flew down from Canada to share in the big weekend, as well as to see her dad (Spoiled Baby's Uncle) for his birthday.

Not to be greedy, but the best part of the party was the presents. Not necessarily because of what the presents even were, necessarily. But because we did presents by committee. All of Cate's little friends and cousins wanted to help...and so instead of one child opening multiple presents, we had a half dozen children (all under the age of 3) turn our living room into a ticker tape parade. GREAT fun!!

After that, it was time for cake! We're in "saving money" mode, so I baked cupcakes for party guests, and then made a custom cake for Spoiled Baby. What do you think? For my first real attempt at artistry, I think it came out ok!

Catherine was too cute. We stripped her naked, because, well, every other child on the planet ends up covered in icing while digging into their first birthday cakes.

Not MY child! She leaned forward daintily, and nibbled a piece off the edge. When we tried to put her hand in/on the cake, it went right back to her mouth to get licked off.

I guess I'm raising a neat freak - but she sure is darn cute!

On Your First Birthday

Dear Catherine,

I remember the first time we knew when you were on the way. I remember the first time we saw you on a sonogram, and then later on when a later sonogram revealed your cute face. I remember the first time you kicked me - and then never stopped. And I remember the first time I got to hold you in my arms.

After that, the cuddles, smiles, and every single newly-learned trick have made me happier and happier.

It's been a wonderful year as your mommy, Catherine. Thank you for being the smartest, cutest, funniest, and just absolute best baby in the world.

I love you.


10 Year Reunion

I can't believe that 10 years have passed since I escaped graduated from High School!

Had a FABULOUS reunion with some of my good friends from high school - don't we all look great?

And, no surprise, Mom has decided not to come back to Texas with us as she'd planned.

Oh, well. Back to the real world now!