Carousel of Absurdity

Pardon the following flight into melodrama. Four years ago today, my husband and I got engaged. A year ago today, my dad passed away. Today, I got an even better look at the hypocrisy and ineptitude present in the leadership of my husband's employer than even the past month has provided. I'm a little overwhelmed right now.

I sometimes think my life is a never-ending carousel of absurdity. The baby, having just gotten over a major sickness, just slipped while trying to pull herself up against the coffee table. She lacerated her tongue fairly deeply and a half hour later, is still spitting out a fair amount of blood.

I'm debating whether to take her to the doctor or simply allege police brutality, since the media and activists have labored so intensely to teach us over the past month that a person could never, ever injure herself by falling on her own face.

Earlier today, when I called to discuss the weight the baby lost while sick, the nurse advised me to feed the heck out of her for the next few weeks so she can gain back the weight she lost while dealing with her nasty intestinal virus. I'm sure that'll be *real* easy with a split tongue. *headdesk* Oh, wait. That could cause a head injury. Have I come full circle yet?

Anyone know how to book a plane ticket to the Bermuda Triangle?

**And yes, there are still posts in queue that I have to get up from my cell phone posting debacle. Coming soon. Promise. Someday. In the future. While I'm sipping mai tais in the aforementioned desirable vacation destination.**