Here We Go Again

The piece that follows was written by a frequent visitor to this blog, who uses the handle "CommonSenseUSA" for his comments. It was written to commemorate the 233rd birthday of the United States Marine Corps on November 10th. I am reposting it here with his permission, after its original posting in another post's comments.

May I present...

Here We Go Again
by Timothy Charles Cilley

It comes and goes, and comes back again;
the strife and struggle with the death of men.

The ancient call, to storm the wall;
the tithes of death from shot and ball.

As men and boys, give their last full measure;
the country bequeaths it's finest treasure.

Mothers pray, and wives that wail;
as the dirge of death does prevail.

Men do cry, and all do pray, and hug the mud;
and flinch, and wince, at the bullet's thud.

The mortars blast, and the flairs light;
there ain't no atheist in a firefight.

And as the world, does revolve;
with the thirst for souls that death dissolves.

Death does it's duty, and soldiers fall;
and give their life for that goddamn wall.

And now and then.......

A little breather with the death of men.

And a soldier says:

Shit! Here we go again....

To Rule and To Serve

Kelly McCrady shared a link to this post with me, from blogger "LawDog." Go visit (this site definitely deserves checking out). I've also reposted the video in question here for you to review. Pay very careful attention to wording used 30 second in.

Weighty Wednesdays

My original intent for Wednesdays was to post on the efforts that I am taking to get down to my target weight post baby.

But...without trying in the least (but breastfeeding a VERY HUNGRY baby, who is still gaining an ounce a day!), I reached my target weight about ten days after my child was born. Pre-pregnancy, I started out at 100 pounds. When we checked into the hospital on October 8th, I weighed in at 150. On the 11th, when I was released to come home, I was down to 138, after delivering a 7 pound 7 ounce child. By October 20th, I was down to 120! Yee-haw!

And yes, 120 was my target weight - it's what my doctors have wanted to see me at for years, based upon my body type and height - but what I was never able to achieve because of my hyperthyroidism.

Better yet, I haven't loss any weight since then, so it seems my body knew not to let me lose too much weight. Better yet!

But that doesn't mean my job is over! My hips and butt have taken a majority of this extra weight, added to my pooch of a tummy. So it's time to start firming up!

I have my four-week check up with both my OB/GYN and my endocrinologist on Thursday (tomorrow). With their approval, I'll begin my new weight training regimen ASAP.

To remind you, I'd already chosen P90X as my preferred post-baby workout. It's great, because it's not meant for losing weight, but for kicking yourself into shape.

I'm going to go ahead and order my copy of the workout DVDs and equipment by week's end so I can get started soon...ideally the Monday before Thanksgiving. (Theoretically, I will be getting my wisdom teeth out next week if my consultation goes I don't want to start until after that.)

I invite you to follow along with my Weighty Wednesday posts, where I'll tell you each week what I like and don't like about P90X and give my own tips for firming up after being pregnant.

(Not) Leaving On a Jet Plane

Good Tuesday morning to everyone, and welcome to the 8th edition of Tuesday Travel Tips with Tiffany! To read previous editions, you can find them here.

Instead of tips, today, may I present a video! This was inspired by a parody MP3 that my friend Danielle shared with me...I just *had* to set it to images and present to you!

There's an "Easter Egg" in this video - one image that might not belong with all of the others. In fact, it's one of my favorite visuals. Identify it and comment on it on this post and you'll win...

Well, you won't win a physical prize. See, I'm cheap. And I have a brand new kid. And kids are expensive. But I'll love you, and isn't that enough of a prize?

Anyhow, enjoy the show!

Balancing Baby

It's sometimes hard to find balance versus baby!

For instance, dear hubby went back to work last week. So obviously, when he's gone to work, it's me and baby take on the world.

But when he IS home, it's his turn to take on baby so mommy can work on writing and projects and such, right?

Um, wrong. Apparently, despite discussion - sometimes several discussions - this is not something that will always work out.

As a result, I've blown writing deadlines - sometimes by a lot - and have found myself angry and frustrated. Not at having to spend time with the baby. But of a lack of balance.

We're working to fix that. Setting specific hours daily where it's my turn to work on other objectives and daddy's time to spend with baby. But today...that was blown again.

Maybe it was just a Manic Monday...or maybe we need to work on this more diligently!!

What solutions do you use in your own lives to balance time?

Election Preview

Tomorrow might be a very scary day. It could also turn out to be a very, very good day.

Nearly every poll in America is predicting not only an Obama win, but an Obama blowout.

The blog Vox Popoli, however, takes a different view. Check it out!

But I hope - and believe - that we may have a "Dewey defeats Truman" event in the making. Polls are so subjective - and statistically, their predictions do not always correctly portend actual outcomes.

Instead of rehashing all of my political beliefs, here are links to my past reactions:

1st Presidential Debate Wrap Up
2nd & 3rd Presidential Debate Wrap Up
Vice Presidential Debate Wrap Up

Republican Convention Recap
Democratic Convention Day 1
Democratic Convention Day 2
Democratic Convention Days 3 & 4

A Governor and a Community Organizer
Stupid People Voting

I've already voted - the hubby and I took advantage of early voting and headed to the polls last Thursday. And I'm sure you know who we both voted for. But now it's your turn. Cast your ballot for who you may. And remember this important axiom: if you fail to exercise your right, privilege and ability to vote, you forfeit your right, privilege and ability to complain.

Manic Monday #23

More great questions from the lovely Lisa for this Manic Monday:

How many hours of TV do you watch per week? Do you feel that's too much, not enough or just right?
Oh, probably 15-20 hours. I think that's too much. But sometimes I keep the TV on just for noise.

Which of the 5 senses do you feel is your strongest sense?
Hearing. But this is weird - I can't hear a lot of lower noises - I need the TV, for instance, to be fairly loud to hear it. But hearing is still my strongest because of my musical ear...I can hear someone sing or perform and really know if they're on key or performing well.

What's the wackiest belief you held as a child?
That my mom was trying to poison me. Hence, why I'm still picky!

Your turn! Leave your linky, leave a comment, and I'll come visit!

Debate 2 & 3 Wrap Up

Yes, I WOULD take me until the day before the election to get to this, wouldn't it?

Here are some of my thoughts from the 2nd and 3rd Presidential Debates:

Debate #2, Belmont University

  • Question #1 - Solutions for the down economy
    Obama: "It means help for homeowners so that they can stay in their homes. It means that we are helping state and local governments set up road projects and bridge projects that keep people in their jobs."
    Obama has forgotten, yet again, about the role of the Federal government. First, homeownership is not a Federal issue - no how, no way. Second, it is NOT within the purview of the Federal government to step in and "help" state and local governments unless (a) that help is specifically requested and (b) it is for an issue that the Federal government should address. And jobs are not a Federal issue! And furthermore, where is the money going to come from to create these jobs? This idiot proposes more and more and more spending but swears taxes will go down instead of up. He needs a basic lesson in (a) the Constitution (power to the states/people) and (b) math.
    McCain: "We obviously have to stop this spending spree that's going on in Washington. Do you know that we've laid a $10 trillion debt on these young Americans who are here with us tonight, $500 billion of it we owe to China?"
    Thank you. NO MORE WASHINGTON SPENDING. We need to CUT, not ADD.
  • Question #2 - How does bailout package help ordinary citizens
    " of the real catalysts, really the match that lit this fire was Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. ... But you know, they're the ones that, with the encouragement of Sen. Obama and his cronies and his friends in Washington, that went out and made all these risky loans, gave them to people that could never afford to pay back."
    Again, thank you. Thank you for acknowledging that the fault in bulky home loans lies between the lenders and the buyers, NOT The Federal government.
    Obama: "Right now, the credit markets are frozen up and what that means, as a practical matter, is that small businesses and some large businesses just can't get loans. If they can't get a loan, that means that they can't make payroll. If they can't make payroll, then they may end up having to shut their doors and lay people off."
    Talk about ALARMIST! How many businesses actually need loans to make payroll? Certainly not the millions of businesses that Obama predicts. This is a stupid thought in the first place, because it would seem to suggest that they'd need a loan every payday. Come on now.
  • Question #3 - How can either be trusted with money
    Obama: I'm not even going to quote him, here. His answer was completely scattered, he had no plan or solution to offer, and simply sounded like an idiot.
    McCain: Again, I'm not going to quote. However, I like how McCain pointed to his record versus Obama's, clearly showing that he better understands the economy.
  • Question #4 - What sacrifices will Americans need to make to get out of the economic mess
    McCain: "I first proposed a long time ago that we would have to examine every agency and every bureaucracy of government. And we're going to have to eliminate those that aren't working. ... I believe that we have to eliminate the earmarks. And sometimes those projects, not -- not the overhead projector that Sen. Obama asked for, but some of them that are really good projects, will have -- will have to be eliminated, as well. And they'll have to undergo the same scrutiny that all projects should in competition with others."
    This is a fabulous response. A politician suggesting less money be spent - it's the obvious solution, but not one that many would acknowledge.
    Obama: Nothing worthy of quoting. Apparently, he thinks we should save energy. And that'll fix the economy. I know...I'm laughing, too.
  • Question #5 - What about unfunded obligations to Social Security and Medicare
    Obama: This idiot alludes to taking on entitlements during his first term as President. Let's not get cocky, here. Don't allude to your first term as if that's a guarantee, let alone a second term. In his response, he outlines his tax plan - with the moving target of income limits to get a break. Never alludes to Social Security or Medicare.
    McCain: He didn't give specifics of what to be done, but he did one better - suggested putting together a commission to address instead of assuming that he has all the right answers himself. Bravo!
  • Question #6 - Congress and Environmental issues
    McCain: His response was to advocate nuclear power. And how he and Sen. Lieberman went around looking at greenhouse gas emissions. Um, not a response, per se.
    Obama: He didn't really respond directly, either, looking only at energy issues. Null point.
  • Question #7 - Healthcare as a commodity
    Obama AND McCain: Ok, folks. You already know how I feel about healthcare - and let me remind you that I've worked in healthcare. Obama is suggesting socialized medicine. Period. And I'm opposed to that 100%. McCain is suggested supplementation through income tax credits. I'm not really thrilled with that either. My opinion is to let it alone. Know what? I've had major medical issues myself. I've gone into debt to pay for them. But I'd rather that be the case than have to follow government mandates over managing my own health.
  • Question #8 - Economic stress vs. America's position as a peacemaker
    McCain: "I am convinced that my record, going back to my opposition from sending the Marines to Lebanon, to supporting our efforts in Kosovo and Bosnia and the first Gulf War, and my judgment, I think, is something that I'm -- a record that I'm willing to stand on. Sen. Obama was wrong about Iraq and the surge. He was wrong about Russia when they committed aggression against Georgia. And in his short career, he does not understand our national security challenges. We don't have time for on-the-job training, my friends."
    All I can say is: AMEN!
    Obama: "Now, Sen. McCain and I do agree, this is the greatest nation on earth. We are a force of good in the world. But there has never been a nation in the history of the world that saw its economy decline and maintained its military superiority."
    Really, Obama? Isn't it your wife who said she was finally proud to be an American? And next, I've already addressed that your little remark here is wrong. During the Great Depression, we proved our military superiority by kicking ass in World War 2. Get your facts straight. Oh, wait. You can't. That would mean not making up stuff to suit your own agenda.

  • Annnnd...this is where I lost interest, quite honestly. There were still a few questions left, but I drifted off.

Debate #3, Hofstra University

Selected quotes and my responses:

  • It's funny to me that right off the bat, when asked about finances, both McCain and Obama repeated exact phrases from the prior debate.
  • It's funnier that Obama can't seem to keep his own numbers straight. Is it $250k or $200k that makes someone right, you dumb fool? He uses both numbers in subsequent responses. Get it straight!
  • Oh, my gosh. Joe the Plumber. Hasn't this man already had more than his 15 minutes of fame? Let's move on, people!
  • It's not hard for a small business to make MORE than $250k.
  • For the record, Mr. "I don't mind paying a little more" Obama, spreading the wealth around is a SOCIALIST or COMMUNIST concept.
  • When asked what each man would cut in spending, Obama gave vague answers and McCain pointed to how he's saved taxpayer money in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Yay, McCain!
  • McCain: "Senator Obama, I am not President Bush. If you wanted to run against President Bush, you should have run four years ago. I'm going to give a new direction to this economy in this country."
    BRAVO! Well stated! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Obama!
  • Obama: "If I'm interested in figuring out my foreign policy."
    A sphincter says what?
  • McCain: "You don't tell countries you're going to unilaterally renegotiate agreements with them."
    Yes, but Obama thinks he's above the rules of fair play.
  • Obama: "I exempt small businesses from having to pay into a kitty."
    Do ya, now? Ain't that special. Considering that if you become President, you'll be an EXECUTIVE, not a LEGISLATOR.
  • Obama: "I think it's going to be critically important for us to recruit a generation of new teachers, an army of new teachers, especially in math and science, give them higher pay, give them more professional development and support in exchange for higher standards and accountability."
    So...instead of improving current resources, you'd swap them out for next gen. Pay more? You idiot. With what money? This is NOT a FEderal issue.
  • McCain: "So choice and competition amongst schools is one of the key elements that's already been proven in places in like New Orleans and New York City and other places, where we have charter schools, where we take good teachers and we reward them and promote them."
    I agree with this wholeheartedly. Because my child will not step one foot in the public schools that my neighborhood feeds into. A charter school or enrolling in the neighboring school district - that'd be fine. Otherwise, it's private school or homeschooling for us.

And...that's that. Again, I don't support every idea from McCain...but they're, by and large, far more rational than anything I've heard uttered by Obama.

Happy voting!