Fabulous Friday

Hi, Folks!

It's a Fabulous Friday in my world - how about all of you?

In addition to my full-time job, I take on a lot of freelance web content creation work. I am not a morning person, but I have found that my optimal time to work on some of my projects is early in the morning - like 6 AM - before I head out the door to my full-time job. (Where I'm at now, by the way, on my lunch break!)

This morning, I was working on a few little articles, in a house that was very quiet for the first hour. Then, at 7, the house woke up. The cat started whining, the dogs wanted to be let out, and Catherine woke up and started kicking the heck out of me.

And that made it a fabulous Friday because I can just picture, actually here and born in just over another month - going through the same routine! Mama will get up to write for a bit, baby may nap in her pack and play for awhile, but eventually she'll wake up and want my attention. I love looking forward to that!

Have a great weekend, ya'll!


Weekend Plans/Goals

Just so you don't think I'm too big of a slouch for being behind in posting, here's a look at my weekend plans/goals:

Friday, early AM: Article writing time for a client
Friday, later AM & early PM: work (at office) including meetings
Friday, later PM: Debate tournament, rounds 1 & 2, Plano Senior High School
Friday, even later PM: catch up on Dem Convention posts + writing arts. for a client

Saturday, early AM: Article writing time for a client (do we see a pattern? Early AMs are my new writing time.)
Saturday, later AM & most of PM: Debate tournament, Plano Senior High School
Saturday, even later PM: book blog posts + writing arts. for a client

Sunday, early AM: Article writing time for a client
Sunday, early PM: Call planned for another project
Sunday, later PM: Girls Night - friends coming over for pizza + movies

Monday, early AM: Article writing time for a client
Monday, later AM: Hang out time with husband - yay!
Monday, PM: Dinner with Patti, helping her son/his GF move

Tuesday: Back to work/writing/etc. Fun times!

I have a debate tournament next weekend as well - Grapevine. The following weekend, I'll be competing in the Toastmaster's District Humorous Speech Contest, having won at my club level. And after that...we have childbirth classes each of the remaining weekends of September. Yahoo! Is it October yet?

Have a great Friday, ya'll!

Dem Convention Wrap Up

Howdy, folks!

I owe you my reaction to the Convention from days 3 and 4 - so sorry they aren't done (or even started!) yet. Chris got back from his 4-day trip to Canada on Wednesday evening and then last evening I came home from work not feeling well and so I'm a bit behind.

Since it's the start of a new school year, I have a contract for this evening and tomorrow to judge a debate tournament at one of the local high schools. Fortunately, tonight's schedule has me done at 8 (some of my Friday night judging experiences have lasted until midnight!) so I should be able to get home and get caught up blogging then!

Happy Friday!


In Humor, There is Truth

Weight Gain and Pregnancy

We're all different in our body compositions and how much weight we gain during the normal course of a pregnancy. Since we got pregnant, I've had people tell me they gained 5 pounds (they were overweight prior to being pregnant) all the way up to 70 pounds. Supposedly, you aren't supposed to gain much weight in the first trimester, moderately in the second trimester, and then a pound a week in the third.


Yeah, my body doesn't work like that. I gained something like 20 pounds in the first trimester - granted, I was about 10-15 pounds underweight, but yikes! Then I gained about another 15 in the second trimester. We're talking holy cow territory where my legs started hurting just to walk since I had gained such a percentage of my body weight. Now in the third, I've barely gained any weight at all. I think I'm up 3 pounds in 5 weeks.

I know that just through delivering baby, I'll lose quite a bit of weight, but I'd anticipate I'll still have around 15 pounds to lose afterwards. I plan to go on the P90X exercise plan once I'm about 4 weeks post-delivery.

How about you, readers? Did you have a specific exercise plan in mind for post-baby? Care to share what it is?

Democratic Convention - Day 2

Alrighty, folks...to keep you caught up, go here for my day 1 thoughts.

On day 2 of the convention, I watched for 3 speakers: Bob Casey, Mark Warner, and Hillary Clinton. Because of the limited schedule that was being broadcast by the networks, I changed over to CNN...and discovered that without exception, their pundits are pathetic. But let's get to the speeches.

Bob Casey
A fellow Scrantonian (we share an alma mater for our high school) and Roman Catholic, I generally consider Casey to be a pretty good guy. In fact, I like the whole family. But, of course, I have some issues with remarks made during tonight's speech. According to Casey:
  • The current economy favors the powerful and leaves everyone else to fend for themselves. (Interesting. I thought the point of being a free nation was for everyone to fend for him or herself.)
  • Jobs are going oversees and gas prices are skyrocketing. (Should the president tell major corporations not to lower their labor costs by offshoring? Or should he hop across the pond to visit the members of OPEC and ask them nicely to stop f'n with gas prices? Oh, wait. He's done that. They haven't.)
  • PA is apparently a hard state to win. (Um, BS. Flag on the play. There are so many Dems in PA that they could cancel deer season and hunt for them instead. It's always been a blue state. Which, considering Casey's political heritage, he should damn well know!)
Mark Warner
This one-term governor of Virginia who is now attempting a run for the Senate was certainly passionate, but alternately lacked in substance or made blatantly false statements. Oh, and his face looks like a mask. A creepy one. *Shudder* From Gov. Warner:
  • "No nation we can't out-hustle" (WTF does this mean? Hustle? That doesn't exactly have a positive connotation when used to describe politics.)
  • After talking about how so many people struggle because of their leaders, he described his own success as an American...which mostly came during times of Republican presidencies. Did anyone else catch that?!?
  • "Never tapped into the character and resolve of the American people." (So, when Bush called for unity after 9/11, that wasn't tapping into character and resolve? When Bush decided that to defend our interests domestically, we needed to remove dangers internationally, that didn't tap into character and resolve? What an idiotic comment to make.)
  • Apparently, in Mr. Warner's world, we can completely get off foreign oil dependency in just 24 months by changing to all hybrid cars. Uh, so is the government going to buy new cars for all of us? Cause (a) I don't intend to buy a hybrid and (b) there's a lot of cars on the road and a lot of folks who can't afford new cars so (c) even if that many new hybrids are available, we'll still need oil!
  • Barack Obama is going to rebuild the military. (Oh puh-leeze. When has a Dem president EVER done that? Instead, they look to decimate troop levels and ensure that a drunken French contingent could kick our asses if we ever came a-calling.)
  • Universal healthcare will save money, bring down costs and cover everybody. (Ok...and it will be paid for how? Gee, there's a cost savings...jack my taxes by an extra 10% but then tell me what healthcare I can have. Great plan.)
Hillary Clinton
I think my cousin Nic said it best when her Twitter described Hillary's outfit choice as "ballsy." I found it hilarious that about 1/4 of the Hillary supporters were waving their Hillary signs upside-down. There's a great sign of their intellect! During her speech, watching Michelle Obama's face was a trip. Speaking of faces, Hillary's expressions are just so dang insincere. And then there was Bill...what a fraud he is. His face...like the cat who ate the canary. Honestly, this felt more like her farewell speech to supporters than a supportive speech to the man who will be the actual nominee. When she did talk about Obama, it was all catch phrases and, as per usual, nothing of substance.

Incidentally, there were a lot of kids at the Convention tonight. Isn't taking small children to a political arena somewhat on par with taking your wife to the strip club? Just not a good idea to expose them to that level of human behavior!

From Hillary's speech:
  • Universal healthcare will provide high quality care at affordable prices. (Again, people should stop being sheep and seriously consider how this would be paid for. You think a lot gets "taken" from your paycheck now by the government? Just wait until there's social programs like this in place. The amount you "lose" will double. At least. I, for one, think that's an awful idea with very low return on value.)
  • Minimum wage this, minimum wage that. Shut up. (Folks, minimum wage is currently double what it was when I started working. And let's assess this: minimum wage is paid for minimum jobs. Necessary jobs, yes. But not exactly on par with jobs that require degrees, training and experience. If we keep raising the minimum wage, we're going to put small businesses right out of business. And God forgive me for saying this, but no wonder some of them go hire illegals that they can pay less! We want cheap services and goods but high pay - basic economics would rule that an impossibility, folks. Democrats never have understood basic economics, however.)
  • George Bush gave windfall profits to the oil companies. (Wasn't that nice of him. Now, did he use his American Express for this gift, or just write a check? You moron, these companies earned their profits. Sure, they seem obscene to us, but they weren't given to them! It's capitalism, fools, not communism!)
  • Obama will do this great thing and that great thing and just be wonderful at the other. (How heartwarming. Apparently, he can rub his tummy AND pat his head at the same time. Unfortunately, running a country is a bit more complex than that, and I still haven't heard a cohesive plan for all these great changes he apparently is just going to wave his magic wand to make come about.)
  • Under Republican presidents, gas prices have gone up, job creation has gone down, and debt levels have gone through the roof. (Ok, so again with the gas prices. See above. Moving along, since when is it the PRESIDENT'S responsibilty to create jobs? Again with the communist viewpoint. And debt levels? Who writes the budget for this country? Not the President! Try Congress! These people need a basic lesson in what a president actually can and cannot do. And Hillary's a great one to speak about debt levels, considering her campaign is STILL $24M in debt, including $3M she loaned to herself. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?)
One of the interviews post-Hillary was with delegate Anne Price Mills, who was just so emotional over Hillary that she was finding it hard to speak. Lord help us from the irrationals. This woman is seriously considering not voting at all in November because she won't consider McCain and Obama hasn't convinced her yet and she'd rather have Hillary. There's a logical thought process - for a four year old! I don't get my way so I'm taking my toys and I'm going home. But I can guarantee you that if she doesn't vote and McCain wins, she'll spend the next 4 years bitching! What a twit.

That concludes my look at day 2 of the Democratic Convention. Your turn, readers! Have at it!


Do you ever know things before you should...or sense things that you shouldn't?

Bear with me, folks. I promise, I'm not losing my mind.

I'm talking about those weird occurances in life that just give you goosebumps?

I had one of those times today. Before a meeting, I made a little sticky notes list of the remaining things I needed to accomplish this afternoon before leaving work - basically two main items.

My coworker then showed up to meet with me, and was in my cube for about an hour.

After he left, I picked up my sticky notes from where they'd been set off to the side to remind myself of what I needed to accomplish...and got a heck of a shock.

Item #2 was something that couldn't possibly have been on the list before the meeting that had just then ended. Couldn't possibly. Was something I didn't even know would have come about, let alone would need to do. But yet...on the list.


I creeped out a friend once when I got up and was halfway across the room to answer my phone...before it even rang. Sure enough, when I was just a step away from the phone, ring ring.

That's not that nifty a trick, though. I anticipate the phone ringing fairly often, actually. Not when a call is expected, either; just randomly.

And then there's my mom connection. Once upon a time, many years ago when I was in college, my mom and I used to always get headaches on the same day. We didn't live together. We didn't see each other daily or talk daily. More like once or twice a month. But we always had headaches at the exact same time.


How about you, readers? Any spooky times? We won't even discuss the ghost (that I don't really believe in, right?) who lives in my house...that's for another post!

Finding the Right Host

I've been talking quite a lot recently about my current blogs, my new efforts, and the work I've done in the past with maintaining web sites/blogs purely for revenue. Obviously, one of my biggest concerns, as someone who enjoys making money online, is the hosting plans I set up for my sites. For my "free" blogs here at Blogspot, not an issue. But for the sites where I own the domain (currently a half dozen or so), having the right combination of fair pricing, consistent uptime, and ease of use is so important to me when I look at hosting. I've been burned in the past...cheapest ain't always the best option!

In any case, I wanted to share a comparison web site with you that I found - it takes a look at various hosting options and gives web hosting rating metrics to help you make decisions. (This site is to web hosting as "PowerToChoose" is to electric providers.) Beyond simply comparing the many, many hosting companies out there, the site also has a great directory of advice articles to help make decision-making easy. The best I found so far was "The Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Hosting."

If you have some decisions coming up, or are just curious, go check out this site. It makes comparison shopping for great hosting services a cinch!

Water is a Liquid

Good Tuesday morning to everyone, and welcome to the 5th edition of Tuesday Travel Tips with Tiffany! To read previous editions, you can find them here.

I'm going to guess that you may be amused with the title of this post: "water is a liquid." You're probably mumbling to yourself that good old Tiffany's finally lost it. After all, who doesn't know that water is a liquid?

You'd be surprised.

For our travels this week, let's head back to the security checkpoint at the airport. And let's carefully observe a sign that you'll find in any airport in America, close to the beginning of the queue for the checkpoint.

See it? Any of you frequent travelers, can you picture it? What does it say?

3 - 1 - 1

Ok, so what does that mean?

It means that any liquids you have in your carry on luggage must be in bottles under 3 ounces, and that all of your liquids must be contained in a 1 quart bag, and that only 1 bag is allowed per traveler. Simple. 3 - 1 - 1

But apparently, it's never occurred to some of ya'll that water is a liquid too!

I can't tell you how many times over the past year or so that I've arrived at the checkpoint in time to see someone indignantly hurling their bottled water into a trash receptacle when informed that it can't go through security.

I've seen people yell about it - it's not fair! The TSA folks must be Nazis! Don't people got a right to drink water anymore??

I've seen people cry about it - I'll be dehydrated! How will I swallow the pill that I need to take 5 seconds after I clear security? (Um, take it now?) The TSA folks are doing this to be mean!

And I've seen people, who obviously think that they are just the most important creature to ever walk the planet, narrow their eyes to slits, sneer at the nearest TSA person, and make loud comments about having their jobs (I'm sure they'd love for you to take them) and just see what'll happen when they call their Congressman about this situation.


It's a stinking bottle of water, not the Holy Grail! So what in the world would make you think that the bottle of water is magically exempt from the rule against liquids? Oh, wait. You're probably the same moron who believes they're magically exempt from any other rule they find fault with.

Too bad. So sad. Dump the water!

By the way - for moms traveling with small babies, there is an exemption - you are allowed to take a reasonable amount of water to be able to mix with formula for the little one.

Don't try to take advantage of this exemption, though...the screeners will be looking for formula in your bag and a baby in your arms.

That concludes this week's edition of Tuesday Travels!

Until next time...

Safe Travels!

New Mom Site, Fab Giveaways

I came across a new site that officially launched on August 24th - the same day I launched 0 to Mom! These folks have a bit more moolah than me, however, and are giving away a ton of fabulous things that any mom would love. You have just GOT to go check it out.

Called "The Mindful Moms", they'll be doing regular columns on things like traveling with baby, staying green, keeping house, planning budgets and much, much more. All the practical stuff, in other words! To join in on the great giveaway, head over to a nifty little blog called "Mom's Favorite Stuff" and get in the game.

Here's a look at what is in the gift bag that's worth over $250:
Have fun - and good luck!

Democratic Convention - Day 1

Without necessarily wanting to, but drawn in like a moth is to light, I watched the first day's coverage on network TV (I got to hang out with Katie Couric and a Bob Schieffer who is starting to resemble the crypt keeper) while working on my blogs and on my EntreCard drops.

I'm less than impressed. Here are my thoughts from day one:
  • Michelle Obama's brother, when asked by Katie Couric to describe his sister with one word, chose to say "sincere." Katie apparently thought this was a brilliant response. I don't. I've never doubted Michelle's sincerity. She was sincere when she made remarks indicating that she's never had reason before to be proud of her country. She was sincere when she attended a church for nearly two decades listening to her pastor spout phrases like "God Damn America" instead of "God Bless America." Calling someone sincere is not necessarily a compliment; it simply indicates that they believe in what they think or say or do. And I happen to sincerely believe that Michelle and Barack Obama in the White House is a very bad idea.
  • Katie asked Bob Schieffer at one point about the progression of the election. In his opinion, there will be two strategies employed during the remaining time before election day - one by the Democrats and one by the Republicans. And further, in his opinion, whichever strategy is more successful will win. Thank you, Captain Obvious. That's like saying that the football game will be won by whomever scores more points. Duh.
  • During Michelle Obama's speech, she was certainly passionate. But consider this, folks: what was she passionate about? If you break down her speech (which you really don't want me to do...I could go on for pages...) she didn't actually say anything of substance. But that's par for the course. Her husband, as a politician, hasn't accomplished anything of substance, so the pair is well matched.
Your turn, folks! We've had some good back and forth in my comments in the past couple weeks on other issues concerning politics in America - let's keep that going. Remember, however, that at this blog, I'm the President, and I have veto power over inappropriate comments, so let's keep it clean and respectful!

Preparing for Leave

Happy Monday, ya'll! Thanks for stopping by, and make sure to see the reader response questions below so you can respond with your opinions!

On this Manic Monday, I'm hyper aware that I only have a few weeks left to wrap things up at my job and transition my projects and on-going duties to the folks who will be backing me up while I'm on maternity leave.

Things have not exactly gone according to plan. My major project is running behind - by a lot! I just got more news today that will impact my progress. ACK! My overall transition plan as well as my plan for my leave as a whole is still in development. When my father passed away at the beginning of the month and I subsequently missed 1.5 weeks of work, I came back feeling like I was way off track and would never catch up.

But Spoiled Baby isn't going to wait for her Frazzled Mommy to catch up at work!

So I'm interested in hearing what all of your BTDT (been there, done that) parents have to say!
  • What did you do to prepare for your maternity/paternity leaves?
  • How did you draw up your project plans so that the work of your positions would continue while you were out?
  • Did you do any work from home or any part-time work while you were still technically on leave?
  • What other advice can you share?
Thanks for participating! For another chance to share your opinion, scroll down to the previous post or click here to let me know what aspects of your life you gave up when you first started your families!

Baby's First Halloween Costume

Believe it or not, we've already been discussing how we should dress up Catherine for her first Halloween this year. Come Halloween, she'll be between two and four weeks old - not old enough to trick-or-treat, but definitely old enough that we have to find something super cute to put her in!

Baby has had several nicknames so far, including Bunny, Alien, Skeletor and Monkey. Any of those could potentially turn into Halloween Costumes...although Chris doesn't like the last three since he thinks we're picking on her to call her names. He especially hate when I call her Skeletor, but in her earlier ultrasounds, that's really what she looked like!

I've been trolling the internet for ideas, and found a few that I like on the incostume.com web site - take a look (especially if you're looking for costumes for your own little ones) and come back to let me know which you like best!

Aren't they just so stinkin' cute?

Stolen MeMe

Stole this from Carrie - couldn't resist!

1. What is your occupation?
HR lady by day, freelance writer chick by night

2. What color are your socks right now?
No socks - wearing sandals

3. What are you listening to right now?
Dead air

4. What was the last thing that you ate?
Sandwich and pretzels

5. Can you drive a stick shift?

6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Depends on my mood

7. Last person you spoke to on the phone?
Uh...Chris, probably

8. Do you like the person who sent this to you?
Carrie's cool - you need to go check out her site and her writing

9. Favorite drink?

10. What is your favorite sport to watch?

11. Have you ever dyed your hair?
Yes, I used to compulsively dye it. Haven't for years now.

12. Pets?
1 husband, Christopher; 1 ghost, Mr. Beard; 2 dogs, Naya and Missy; 2 cats, Frankie and Audrey.

13. Favorite food?

14. Last movie you watched?
Talledega Nights

15. Favorite Day of the year?
Fourth of July

16. What do you do to vent anger?
Read a book. Getting involved in a fantasy world helps me to forget.

17. What was your favorite toy as a child?
Er. I don't know. I read a lot.

18. What is your favorite, fall or spring?

19. Hugs or kisses?

20. What kind of pie?

21. Living arrangements?
House, which we've owned for 1.5 years; with the pets mentioned above.

22. When was the last time you cried?
A few nights ago, thinking about Dad.

23. What is on the floor of your closet?
Shoes are in one corner; some luggage tucked near the back.

24. Favorite smell?

25. What inspires you?

26. What are you afraid of?

27. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers?
Plain, with raw red onions and A-1 on top

28. Favorite car?
Jeep Wrangler

29. Favorite cat breed?
NOT Siamese...damn whiny cat.

30. Number of keys on your key ring?
Probably a dozen or so, between my house, my work, and two other houses I routinely go to and so need keys for, plus our two cars.

31. How many years at your current job?
Two for current full-time company, one in my current role; freelancing for three.

32. Favorite day of the week?

33. How many states/provinces have you lived in?
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas

34. How many countries have you been to?
Six: Canada, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein

35. How much do you love "Knowing Me, Knowing You" by ABBA?
Uh, not an ABBA fan. Sorry.

Manic Monday # 20

Lisa has some great questions for us this week over at Manic Monday!

If you could take more control of one aspect of your life, what would it be?
The ability to say no! I can't do it! And it leads to me feeling overwhelmed a lot of the time, and that just doesn't lead to good things.

If you were to name the difference between the male soul and the female soul, what would it be?
Um...I don't think there is a difference between male and female souls.

If you had to admit the most selfish thing you do on a regular basis, what would you say it is?
Yikes! Tough question! Let's see...squirreling away chocolate so I don't have to share? I don't know...heck, I don't even eat chocolate more than once a week, so I guess that's a bad example. But I can't think of a better one!

It's your turn! Sign the linky, leave a comment, and I'll be around to visit!

New Blog is UP!

Hey, ya'll!

Remember the hinting around I've done about starting (another) new blog?

Well...it's UP! With a few foundational posts (About, Disclosure Policy, Usage Policy) and the first "real" post posing a time management question, it's now open for business.

Called "0 to Mom" (playing, of course, on my love for NASCAR), its tagline is "Parenting at the speed of life."

Go check it out when you have a chance!

What Did You Give Up?

Very few people have only a singular focus in life. Most of us have a million things going on at any one point in time. It's what keeps us occupied, it's what fulfills us, and it's what drives us stark raving mad.

With less than two months to go until Spoiled Baby is born, I've been giving a lot of thought to how I'll manage my time once she's here. For the first 12 or so weeks, I'll be at home on maternity leave. After that, however, it's time to start juggling again.

Here's what I'll be juggling:
  • Biggest priority - Raising Spoiled Baby
  • Bigger priority - Loving Funny Daddy
  • Big priority - Managing Crazy House
  • Full time job - HR Project Manager/Analyst
  • Part time freelancing - Web content writing and editing
  • Constant blogging - Personal and paid
  • Occasional judging - HS Speech and Debate
  • Cooking shows and sales - Pampered Chef
  • Volunteer training - Leadership Development
  • Favored pursuit - Fiction writing
Just looking at that list, I feel tired. But with the exception of the first item, the other 9 are already the activities I juggle between in life.

It seems like everybody and their brother loves to tell me that I'm going to have to give up either "everything" or "a whole lot" once Spoiled Baby gets here. But...I don't want to.

Does that sound selfish?

I like my many involvements. I've always had a zillion things going on - dating right back to childhood. I once told my mother, in the second grade, that I was burned out. But when she cut back on my activities the next school year, I was so bored and miserable that I found more things to throw myself into.

I'm convinced that with careful planning, I can still juggle all of these activities and be a good mom to Spoiled Baby. But if it really comes down to it, it'll be the last three items on the list that go by the wayside: my fiction, the training I present, and my Pampered Chef business.

What do you all think? What did you give up when you became a mommy? Leave me comments with your thoughts!



Welcome to one of my newest blogging adventures - 0toMom.com. Our first child is due to be born in the fall of 2008 and as we prepare for her arrival, we'd like to use the blogosphere as a way to connect with other new and experienced parents to share stories, ideas, and frustrations.

Thanks for stopping by - I hope you come back soon, and often!


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A New Award!

I'm touched! Penelope Anne, better known as Sassy Mama Bear, has honored me with this award:

I would like to pass this award along to...Siani! Siani, besides posting fabulous content on her own site, regularly checks up on me over here at Breakfast at Tiffany's. In the past, she's honored me several times with wonderful awards, and in honor of her fabulous-ness as a blogger, I'm glad that I now get to send an award her way!

As an aside, it's just amazing to me to have built up online friendships with folks in the blogosphere after having only maintained this blog for less than a year...and less than regularly at times, as well, due to other life circumstances! I am truly blessed by each and every one of my readers on a daily basis and am so glad that you all come around to see me!

Making My House Complete

I've talked quite a bit about my house on this blog in the past, and especially about all of the work we've done here to make it uniquely ours, between actual physical work and the special items we've found to add to our collection. One item I've long considered and that I think would make a perfect addition to our Victorian-styled home is a Grandfather clock.

In my travels around the web, I came across a really neat store that sells beautiful grandfather clocks. Called 1-800-4Clocks, the offer all sorts of great incentives including free shipping for orders over $100, free in-home set-up, and no tax outside of New York state. All that on top of selling beautiful Grandfather clocks!

They have a good selection of brands, but the one I spent the most amount of time checking out was Howard Miller Grandfather clocks. Take a look at this clock - wouldn't it look fabulous in my house, especially next to my fireplace? Too bad the price is, uh, a wee bit out of my range!

In addition to running their store, this organization also runs a neat blog dedicated to Grandfather clocks. After browsing for awhile, I found a post about using Grandfather clocks to fill space in large homes. Perfect - gives me more justification for wanting one, right, since our home is fairly large? They make reference to needing to fill space...but we'll just ignore the fact that our house is already quite full. Besides, for a Grandfather clock, I'll create space.

If you've ever considered adding a Grandfather clock to your home, I'd recommend checking out their website and blog - I was quite impressed!

Friday Fill In # 6

Hi, folks! It's been a long week, hasn't it? Two weeks ago, I traveled for work and then rushed to PA when my father passed away. A week ago, we buried Dad and then came back to Texas to try to get back into the swing of things. And so this week was my first full week of work in quite some time and it's left me exhausted! Thankfully, my boss allowed me to work from home today, so I've been just humming along on a few projects in my peaceful and quiet house. Now...time for a lunch break and this week's Friday Fill Ins!

1. Dancing to the radio while cleaning my house makes me smile.

2. The last time I went to the beach I nearly refused to leave.

3. When I drive I fly like a bat out of hell.

4. I saw Frankie Avalon standing by an elevator in an Atlantic City casino once.

5. Give me a pillow, give me a dark room, give me sleep.

6. Next week I am looking forward to presenting my project and transition plans for maternity leave.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to getting a lot of writing and organizing done, tomorrow my plans include hanging out with unexpected houseguests and Sunday, I want to get a really big hug before I drop my husband off at the airport as he leaves to go visit his niece and nephew!

Your turn! Read, copy, comment...have fun! And have a great weekend, ya'll!

She's Got the Look

So, uh, I'm working on another redesign here. And at How to Have a Baby.

Yeah, I know, I just did that in May.

But it's not going to be major - I promise. I'd originally chosen this new template because I wanted to attempt to increase my ad space and see if I could tweak my blog to make a few more pennies than I already had been. Well...those cute little ads on the side just aren't getting many hits. My adsense modules have actually started getting a lot more attention - my revenue there has picked up considerably at both this blog and HTHAB, according to my channels on Google. But anything non-Google just doesn't seem to have a draw. That's ok. I get it. I ignore ads unless they really grab me, too. So those little 125 x 125 blocks are going bye bye. Why bother annoying you with them when they're not doing any of us a lick of good?

I may play with ad schemes here and at HTHAB in the future, but for now, Google it is - with a bit of Amazon thrown in occasionally, and especially over at the book blog. For now, I'm simply pleased that my traffic here has picked up significantly - some before I joined EntreCard, and a whole lot in the week since.

As far as monetization, I'll stick with being more agressive on the sites I'm about to launch that are not personal in nature. Those are the kind of sites where I've made decent money in the past, so if it ain't broke...

Thanks for indulging my sidebars while it lasted. In the future, you'll instead see widgets like "Recent Comments" and "Recent EntreCard Droppers" and such. Should make for much faster page load time as well.

Any suggestions/feedback/thoughts?


Get a Leash!

Good Tuesday morning to everyone, and welcome to the 4th edition of Tuesday Travel Tips with Tiffany! To read previous editions, you can find them here.

Today, we're going to head back to the wonderful world of airports. And, specifically, let's have a little discussion about children in airports.

Parents, let me make something clear to you. It is your responsibility - and yours alone - to maintain control over your child/children when you travel. It is no more acceptable for them to run pell mell through the gate seating area than it would be to do so at a restaurant or at the mall. Oh, wait - this drives me nuts in both of those locations as well!

I'll bet there are some people out there who won't like my use of the word "control." Tough. Deal with it. Children need to be controlled, not indulged. When you are in your own home, do whatever you want. If you have no interest in building discipline, so be it. But in public, you put the safety of your children as well as anyone they encounter at risk by allowing them to run freely about.

Get a leash! I'm serious. If it would too damn hard for you to either keep them in their stroller, occupied with a book or toy, or hold their hand or put them on your lap, then at least put them on a leash so you can rein them back in the second they start to wander away. It is not my responsibilility as a fellow traveler to amuse them. And it's sure as hell not the responsibility of the already overworked gate agents!

Parents, this is especially important advice for you to take if you are outnumbered by the amount of children you're traveling with. Some fellow travelers may feel sorry for you, because you look tired after wrangling four toddlers through security. I don't. They're your kids - that means you have to deal with them! If you clearly cannot handle traveling with them, the choice is easy: don't. And if you do choose to travel, it's you that's in charge, not them. Whining, screaming, kicking and crying are not acceptable; instead, that behavior just makes all of the other passengers hate you. By instilling discipline in your children ahead of time and laying down clear rules and boundaries, everyone's travel experience will be all the more enjoyable.

And along the way, a leash can't hurt.

Until next time...

Safe travels!

Manic Monday #19

Hey! Look at me! I'm actually participating in Manic Monday, hosted by the lovely Lisa!

Is there something you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it?
Going to the beach. Uh, it's been a busy year. That may be my understatement of the week.

If you could make any fictional character come to life, which one would it be?
Grace Adler. I love Will and Grace!

If you could have a $10,000 shopping spree to one store, which store would it be and how long would it take you to spend the $10,000?

Oh, dear...I don't know. I'm not much of a shopper, and that's a lot of money to spend in one place. I think I'd have to be practical at this point and say the grocery store and I'd spend it over many trips over the next few years.

Name three things you wanted as a child but never got.
1. A brother. 2. A sister. 3. A helicopter. Santa hated me.

Your turn!

She's Gonna Do WHAT?

I'm incredibly behind on my book blog.

Like by 25 books.

But I have a plan!

I've gotten my "already read" pile split into four manageable piles, and I'm going to start hitting one small pile at a time, to give myself a bit of relief from the web content writing that I'm doing, which is currently numbing my brain.

I'm anticipating that I can knock out at least one, if not two, piles tonight. I'll try to get to the other two tomorrow.


When You See a Guy...

I just read some FANTASTIC news! Guys and Dolls is returning to Broadway in the spring of 2009, for its first New York run since 1992. This is my FAVORITESHOWOFALLTIME. Incidentally, it was also my fathers...because it's about shooting craps, which was his game.

We're going to have to arrange Miss Catherine's first trip to the northeast to correspond with being able to go into the city to see the show. (Any volunteers to babysit?) Not sure when we'll actually get up there...we also need to plan trips west to see Chris' family since we've totally neglected them this year and have been to PA so many times in the interim.

Ideally, I'd like to go during late spring or early fall so we can also get down to Ocean City, New Jersey on the same trip, but not in the dead of summer because (a) non-revving to PHL will be nearly impossible and (b) the shore is crazy busy then. So now we'll add a trip to NYC to the list as well. I need more vacation days! :-)

I'm already humming the score...

Come Argue With Me

I hope everyone has enjoyed reading my rants over the past few months since I started my Tiffany Takes On posts...I know that I've enjoyed your comments, whether you're on my side or on the wrong side. (Haha!) I love arguing about current events and politics and I just found a great web site that I wanted to share with all of you. Called "Argue with Everyone", it's a great place to talk about politics. And of course, by "talk", I mean fight for all you're worth.

No matter the issue - the upcoming Presidential election, illegal immigration, the War on Terror...or just about anything that could be politically charged, there's a chance for you to argue your side through the anonymity of the internet. LOVE IT!

Hurry on over and check it out - see you there!

Friday Fill In # 5

I can't believe it's already Friday again...

Janet has some great questions this week over at Friday Fill-Ins - go join in!

1. The last meal I had at a restaurant was on Monday night.

2. Long phone conversations are something I intensely dislike.

3. The full moon is enchanting.

4. "Fixin'" is one of my favorite local expressions.

5. Sometimes it's best to smile and nod.
6. Prince Caspian is the best movie I've seen so far this year!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to resting and writing, tomorrow my plans include housework and writing and Sunday, I want to rest and write some more!

2008 Memory Walk

Dear Readers,

As many of you know from following my blog, my life has been touched and changed by Alzheimer's Disease. I watched for more than five years as this awful illness robbed the life and memory from my father. This year, in memory of my father, I have signed up to walk in the 2008 Memory Walk in Dallas, which will be held on November 15th. Baby Catherine will be here by then - she'll be anywhere from a month to six weeks old - and her little carriage and I will be walking the 1.5 mile course at the Dallas Zoo in honor of my dad and the grandfather she'll never get to know.

But it isn't enough for me to trek out and push a baby carriage along a walk. The Alzheimer's Association needs help - through participation and through donations. Walks are held throughout the country, typically during the fall. Readers, I ask that you look into your hearts and support the Alzheimer's Memory Walk either as a team captain, individual walker, or by donation to myself or another participant.

I'll put a link to my personal site over on the sidebar and it'll remain there for the next several months until the walk has concluded. Thank you, in advance, for your participation and support.


Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

She Just Won't GO AWAY

(It's been awhile since I've vented steam in a "Tiffany Takes On" post, but my blood is just boiling right now...)

CNN.com is reporting that the Barack Obama campaign has agreed to place Hillary Clinton's name in the roll call during the Democratic National Convention later this month. Clinton reportedly wants her name listed in nomination so that the voices of her supporters are not forgotten. Obama is apparently trying to bring healing to the party.


Seriously, folks. Woman, you lost. LOST. People saw you for the slimy, weasly, loud-mouthed witch with more wiles than scruples that you are and you didn't get enough votes to become the Democratic nominee. The fact that you lost means that you need to go away now. Far, far away. Hopefully, the voters in November will also send the actual Democratic nominee packing as well, and hopefully he'll then have the good grace to go far, far away. But for now, Miss Hillary, it's time to bow the hell out.


Read more here: Clinton's name to be put in nomination at convention

Readers, what say you?

Choices, Choices

My husband had his first dental appointment today in two years. Two years! (Ok, I can't really crab at him, because I'm behind, too...I've had a temporary crown for, er, two years. It just never seems to be the right time to get my wisdom teeth out so I can get my permanent crown. Hangs head.)

In any case, while he was getting ready to go, I was printing out the info he'd need for my dental insurance. While I was sorting through my company's intranet to find the info I needed, he asked if I'd already looked into what it would cost to insure the baby once she's here...because my benefits are way cheaper than his job offers, so I'll be taking her on as a dependent. I replied, with some frustration, that my company was going to begin offering three choices of insurers this next year instead of one, with all new plans...but even though open enrollment begins in like a month, I hadn't seen any info yet on what those choices were. Argh!

Since I love to research everything (haha...you already knew that, dear reader), I hopped on the internet to start looking at what options may be out there, so I'm knowledgeable on other carriers when the time comes to make my decisions. One of the sites I came across was eKaiserInsurance, which I immediately recognized as a great name for healthcare and health insurance. When I'd looked at the possibility of relocating to NoCal a few years ago, Kaiser Permanente California was a potential plan I'd come across then as I investigated potential jobs and their coverages.

What I found out in my research today is that Kaiser Permanente is not just based in California - myth busted! - but actually offers insurance coverage in several other states as well - for instance, Kaiser Permanente Colorado and Kaiser Permanente Georgia. Unfortunately, they're not yet in Texas, so they won't be an option for me to choose come open enrollment, but I was pleased to see that in the states where they do offer coverage, there are a ton of plan options. Perhaps they'll make their way to my state one of these days and I can try them out myself!

For now, I'm back to researching potential health plans, trying to guess what next year's choices (and prices!) might bring!

Anyone See a Band Wagon?

I've been having terrible problems sleeping over the past few weeks. Ok, truth be told, I've been having sleeping issues most of my life, but over the past few weeks, with so much on my mind between Dad and the baby, I've been lucky to get two straight hours at a time of sleep. Newborns sleep more than I do.

Last night, I tried valiantly to go to bed early but just couldn't get my mind to shut off. So what was I up doing?

Joining a few band wagons! Yeah, cause what else would I do at 1 AM?

I like to think that I'm a fairly technologically hip person. I really do. But turns out that I've missed a few crazes, namely Twitter and EntreCard. So look out, readers. I've joined both.

So far, I've added my Twitter feed to two of my blogs: Breakfast at Tiffany's and How to Have a Baby. I've also added widgets to my Facebook and MySpace accounts. And I've "Twittered" once. This may take awhile to get up to speed...

For EntreCard, I've joined, accepted advertisers that will last throughout the rest of the week, went around to people's blogs that I knew had EntreCard and "dropped" and was "dropped" on a few times. My big hurdle with this is that (A) I need to create myself one of those cute little badges and (B) I need to get this on my How to Have a Baby blog as well because new readers over there would be fabulous. Again, this could take awhile to get up to speed.

Anyone out in the blogosphere want to comment on their experiences with Twitter or EntreCard? I'd love to hear what you have to say!!

I'll be trying to work through how best to utilize these programs shortly. I'm working from home today and potentially tomorrow, trying to catch up with my work projects since I'm acutely aware that I now have only about 6 to 8 weeks left before I'm out on leave. Other plans include knocking out a few writing assignments (yeah, I now need to do a TON of that...funerals aren't cheap and between needing to help my mom pay for as many of those expenses as I can plus having the expenses that Chris and I incurred over the week we were gone, I'm going to have to either write my butt off or liquidate my savings account which was meant to replace my income when I'm out on maternity leave), starting to catch up on my book blog, working on my new blog launch, and Twittering/EntreCarding! Wish me luck - I have a ton of things to do!

Thursday Thirteen #20

Milestone: this is my 200th post!

Hi, everyone! We're back in Texas and busily trying to catch up with life - and sleep! I've received dozens of blog comments, emails and snail mail cards during the past week and will be working to respond to them all over the next few days. Until I am able to respond, please know that I appreciate each and every prayer, positive thought, and remembrance.

And now...this week's Thursday Thirteen.

Thirteen Favorite Memories of my Father

  1. Breakfasts in Ocean City
    I've written several times about my special memories from Ocean City, New Jersey, but this memory specifically focuses on all of the times my Dad and I shared a breakfast together. Whether it was a short walk to our favorite neighborhood cafe, a drive to the other end of the island and the sit-down restaurant, or a bike ride up the boardwalk to an ocean-side eatery, we often enjoyed starting our days together.
  2. Jeopardy
    Because of the hours my Dad's grocery store kept, he was often home in time to watch Jeopardy, which came on every night at 7:30. Many times, he'd walk in the door just in time for the show to start and I'd dog his heels all the way to the TV so we could challenge each other over who would get the most answers.
  3. 5th Grade Basketball
    No, I didn't play. Have you met me? I'm short. But in the 5th grade, my elementary school had two basketball tournaments...one a father/son, the other a mother/daughter. At the father/son tournament, my Dad staged a "fight" with one of the refs over a supposedly bad call, to give himself an excuse to make donation to the school when the ref levied a fine. I've never laughed so hard in my life. Literally. It's a fabulous memory.
  4. Statue of Liberty
    During the summer between third and fourth grade, I had the awesome opportunity to play my violin at Carnegie Hall. Instead of going in and out of the city just for the concert, my family made a vacation of it. One of our sightseeing stops was the Statue of Liberty...and although my Mom had less than zero interest in trekking to the top, my Dad gamely trudged up about a million steps with me, alternating between encouraging me to keep walking as I got tired and actually pushing me up the stairs when I became absurdly paranoid of the spiral steps near the top.
  5. Breakfasts in Mountainhome
    Yeah, that'd be my hometown. Dad went to the Diner nearly daily for breakfast...and it was always special when he took me along. As a somewhat big fish in a small pond, everyone knew Dad, and it was always neat to visit with all the other tables and early morning diners. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. :-)
  6. Generosity
    My Dad was one of the most generous people I've ever met. In his grocery store, if someone at the checkout came up a buck or two short on paying for their order and Dad knew that they were in a tight spot or needed a bit of help, he always reached into his own wallet to finish paying for their food. No matter what organization in the area came around looking for financial or in-kind help, Dad was first in line, signing up with a monetary donation or arranging to provide whatever food was needed for a planned event. If our volunteer fire department was called out on a middle of the night fire, Dad invariably went down to the store and gathered up supplies to take to the fire hall so the guys would have something waiting for them to snack on when they pulled back in. Every single time in my life that I talked to Dad after I moved away from home, his last question was if I needed any money...even after Alzheimer's moved him past the point of managing his own money. I rarely took him up on the offer, always having preferred to pay my own way, but I also always knew that I'd have my Dad's support if I needed it.
  7. Peppi, the Yorkshire Terrier
    I begged and pleaded for years to get a dog when I was a kid. Finally...we got a Yorkie. But as much as the little two pound mutt loved me, he was always my Dad's dog. From the moment Dad got home from work at night until he left again the next morning, that dog followed his every step. And Dad loved him just as much...taking him on walks, letting him sleep in the bed, and even holding the puppy on his lap for car trips.
  8. Burnt Eggs
    You'd think that because my dad owned/operated a grocery store for 40+ years, he'd be great with food. And he absolutely was. Unless he had to cook it. I'll never forget one Saturday night when my Mom went out to a Philharmonic concert with one of her girlfriends and my Dad asked me what I wanted for dinner. For some reason, I asked for scrambled eggs. He tried. He really did. But they were blackened. And hard. Guess who ate cereal for dinner? Still a fun memory, though!
  9. Las Vegas
    Back in 1995, the 'fam headed out to California for Andrea's wedding. Mom had to leave soon after the big day to take care of a sick sister in Florida, but Dad and I stayed out West for another couple weeks. As a side trip, we flew to Las Vegas for about 4 days, to meet up with my Uncle Louie and Aunt Peg, who were also there on vacation. We had a blast! Mind you, I'd spent a good part of my childhood in casinos in Atlantic City, but for many reasons, those few days in Vegas were just that much more special. Plus, I won a bunch of cash. Cash is good. When you're 14. And in a casino. Where they don't care that you're 14. Haha!
  10. Driving
    I can't begin to imagine how many miles I spent driving with my Dad...but despite my frustration with his tendency to drive slower than the limit, it was always a good time spent together and we had many long and in-depth conversations, whether on the way to school and back, or headed down to the Jersey shore.
  11. Meeting Chris
    Living 1600 miles from my parents, they didn't get to meet Chris until we'd already been dating for over a year. In fact, we were already engaged and living together before we finally got up to PA. I think every girl in the world is a bit apprehensive when they take someone home to meet Dad...but it couldn't have gone any smoother the first time Dad met Chris. They started talking immediately (Chris was primed to understand Dad's Alzheimer's and to understand that a story might be 30 years old instead of recent...) and really hit it off. Color me way happy!
  12. Dancing at my wedding
    I was really worried that Dad wouldn't be in very good condition for my wedding. And although he certainly wasn't in great shape, he was still able to walk me down the aisle, and then dance with me at the reception. It made me cry then...and now it's making me cry again now...but we really had a great dance.
  13. Poppa and the Bunny
    When Dad really went downhill so quickly in early March, we'd only found out a few weeks before that we were expecting a baby. We hadn't told anyone about baby yet...but decided, when we went to PA in such a hurry, that Dad would be the first to know. When we got to the nursing home to see Dad, Mom and I went down the hall to have a little discussion. While gone, Chris asked Dad if he could tell him a secret...and Chris claims up one side and down the other that my Dad responded my saying "tell me." (My skepticism comes from the fact that Dad was already almost entirely non-responsive and uncommunicative by the time we got to PA.) Chris told Dad that we had a baby on the way and says that in response, Dad squeezed his hand and a tear slid down his cheek. After that, Chris says that he asked Dad what he would like the baby to call him, and offered a few possible options, before Dad apparently agreed to be called Poppa. If you have followed my How to Have a Baby blog, you may have read the story about the stuffed bunny Chris bought for the baby when he found out we were expecting. So before we left PA on that trip to head back to Texas, Chris took a picture of Dad and I and the bunny. So although you can't see her, this picture is the only one Catherine will have with her Poppa. But you can bet we'll share lots of stories to make sure she knows what a special man her grandfather was!

Info on Dad's Services

Hi, all!

Just wanted to post links to the obits that ran in the Scranton Times and Pocono Record this morning - they have info on when Mass is and when the visitation is and so forth.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.


Scranton Times

Pocono Record

Blog Hiatus

Hi, everyone.

Breakfast at Tiffany's will be on hiatus until next week; my father passed away this evening (8/5) and we'll be leaving tomorrow morning (8/6) to be with my family in Pennsylvania. Depending on when final arrangements are made, we'll be back in Texas any time between Sunday and Tuesday of next week.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.



Hi, everyone!

After a week hiatus, let's start this week off with a MASSIVE UPDATE!

First, for updates on baby and house "stuff", head over to How to Have a Baby and check out my 29w2d Update post.

Second, check out that I've actually update my 101 in 1001 post with some of our recent accomplishments. Yahoo!

Third, I have several new projects to announce very, very soon. I've been hired by a major blog network for a really nifty blog topic, and am also nearly ready to launch (or, in a couple cases re-launch) a few blogs on topics near and dear to my heart. One is another personal blog with a narrow topic and the others are on informative topics that I know a lot about...but will be writing on objectively instead of personally. Towards the end of several 101 in 1001 goals, I'm still working to expand my freelancing and its related income...and this is a part of that. Through ongoing clients, I've met many of my financial goals already in 2008, but am always looking for ways to expand.

And finally, and on a very somber note, I'd like to ask you to pray for my father. (I know - some of you are probably still praying since I initially asked you for your prayers last November and again this past March.) Dad took another huge downturn late last week and is now no longer able to get out of bed at all and is being fed 100% mechanically. At the advice of the nursing staff at his care center as well as the hospice that is overseeing his case, he was given Last Rites last evening around 5 PM. We decided not to go up to PA over the weekend because (a) I had a big doctor's appointment and testing this morning and (b) we're already scheduled to fly up Wednesday evening because of a pre-planned trip. If something happens sooner, then we'll travel sooner.

Mom puts her phone up to his ear whenever she calls so I can talk to him. Beyond that, unfortunately, there's nothing anyone can do beyond what is already being done. The nursing staff assures us he's resting comfortably, and of course the priest is full of assurances of better things to come. (Which, somewhere in my heart, I know. But I've really struggled with being incredibly angry at God for keeping my Dad in this awful state for so long over the past few months and as a result, haven't even regularly attended the church that I normally adore in about six months.) We've lined up all funeral arrangements, from pre-writing the obituary to having pallbearers to actual details with the funeral home, church and cemetery. When the time comes, we'll just need to finalize the memorial cards and service handouts, the readings and music (which I've already mostly picked...just need to convey the info, really...this, unfortunately, ain't my first funeral by far), his suit, and a coffin. We will not be doing any kind of lengthy viewing or any eulogies...first, it'll be a closed casket because we don't want anyone to remember Dad as he now is, so withered away and unlike his former self, and second because neither Mother nor I care to be on display. I wish I could play my violin for him at the funeral, but I just don't think I can handle that...it's something I've done for other friends and family at their funerals and I don't know how I ever kept it together then. In this case, I think it'd be almost impossible.

So right now, we're again in a holding pattern...needless to say, I'm not exactly sleeping well and my heart stops every time the phone rings. Not exactly a great state to be in while pregnant, but who can control the pace of life? Again, the prayer is that Dad goes quickly and painlessly...he's been living on borrowed time for almost six months. Thank you!

Hope you all have good weeks! I'll be back with a Tuesday Travels post tomorrow!