Highlights of My Week

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I'm an awful blogger these days. I'm posting slightly less often than Britney Spears gets her kids taken away. (Ba-dump-bump!) I'm posting slightly less often than Lindsey Lohan goes to rehab. (Ba-dump-BUMP!) I'm posting slightly less often than Hilary or Barack make up stories from prior times in their lives then get caught in the lies but stupid, unsuspecting voters continue to love them anyways. (Ba-DUMP-BUMP!) I'm posting slightly less often than a new celebrity baby is announced, leading me to wonder how these people can expect any modicum of privacy if they're out flashing their stories and bodies around for public purview. (I'm done now.)

So here are some highlights from the week that has just passed by...hope you enjoy the update!

Monday, March 31st
Rather uneventful, except that I came home dog tired and went to bed way early. Bo-ring! And then I was up half the night, sick. Ugh. I finally went to bed around 3:30 AM. My alarm, on Tuesday, went off at 4:30.

Tuesday, April 1st
Was supposed to go to Minneapolis for my monthly meeting with that airport's management/union/independent leadership. Hmm. Guess where I actually went? Any guesses? No? St. Louis. St. Freaking Louis. Seriously. Due to heavy flight loads and being a lowly non-revenue-paying airline employee, I got bumped from my direct flight to a connection through - you guessed it! - St. Louis. (It may be useful to note here that when I travel for business, I do so with a confirmed seat, unlike the standby routine we go through when flying for personal reasons.) Upon arrival in St. Louis, I was offered $300 to get off my flight to MSP. After patiently explaining to the less-than-observant agent that I can't accept money for my seat since I'M AN EMPLOYEE (SEE MY BADGE!!!), I learned that even if I succeeded in getting on the oversold flight from STL to MSP, it was leaving at such a delayed time that I'd get to MSP approximately 5 minutes before the end of the two hour meeting that it's my job to facilitate. Joy. Happy, happy, joy. Shit.

Luckily for me, the wonderful manager of the St. Louis Admiral's Club set me up with a meeting room, a speaker phone to dial in, and a computer to get to the agenda and other notes I was expecting to get copies of upon arriving in MSP. (Thank you, wonderful manager. You rock.) We got through the meeting (which was also a training opportunity for me, as a new internal consultant was accompanying me to MSP to observe the meeting and what I do as a part of it - ironically, he got on the direct flight and actually made it there) and after a tasty lunch at Chili's, I headed back to my gate to come back to Dallas.

Oh, I should also note that the not-so-observant agent was also not-so-competent and couldn't get me rebooked to go back to Dallas - she could only cancel my flight to MSP. After trying to convince me that it probably wouldn't be all bad if I just went to MSP so I could take my original flight back to DFW from MSP. I. Don't. Think. So. In any case, a coworker back at the farm in DFW who has actually mastered basic SABRE commands got me a mid-afternoon flight back home. Thank you, back-at-the-farm wonderful coworker.

The great news of this day was that there was an equipment change on my flight home to a 767. 767 are awesome planes. Especially when a nice agent who knows you've had kind of a crappy day jacks with the upgrade list and puts you in a first class seat. With a fully reclining seat. Fully reclining. With pillow AND blanket. Ah, joy. Pure joy. And, at last, sleep.

When I got home, we watched the last episode of Jericho; a week later than it actually aired. Sniff. Sniff. I'm so pissed-sad-mad-bummed that CBS again canceled this show. Stupid CBS.

And ya know what? After all of that mess back on Tuesday, it has just now occurred to me on Saturday that Tuesday was April Fool's Day. I guess going to STL instead of MSP was God's idea of a joke on me!

Wednesday, April 2nd
Umm...nothing really eventful to note. Except a television event that CHANGED MY WHOLE LIFE. Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration. Slight.

Let's just call it....


We DVR everything...and so on Wednesday night, we watched some of the shows we had taped from Monday night. And among them, How I Met Your Mother.

Brace yourselves, folks. This is AWESOME. Now, turn on your volume and scroll down to watch this YouTube video:

OH. MY. GOD. CBS, I forgive you. You've redeemed yourself. I'm still pissed over Jericho, but bringing back my Doogie for a brief visit with Barney? Oh, life is now complete.

Thursday, April 3rd
Nothing to report. Kinda boring day. Went shopping after work and bought a bunch of new clothes. That's all.

Friday, April 4th
Hosted a Relay for Life event at work that raised a decent amount of money and then judged a debate tournament in the late afternoon and evening. Came home and enjoyed a wonderful late night meal of Burger King. Yes, that's noteworthy.

Saturday, April 5th
Judged a debate tournament. Had a student tell me that I was the spitting image of Tina Fey. I laughed and said that the only other celeb I'd ever been compared to is Jennifer Love Hewitt, and that was nearly ten years ago when she was known for Party of Five. Personally, I'd rather look like Audrey Hepburn.

How about you decide, dear readers.

Tina Fey, now........................Tiffany Aller, now

Jennifer Love Hewitt, then................Tiffany Lewis, then

Audrey Hepburn................Wannabe

And that brings us up to date...welcome to my weekend! Hope you all are doing well!